About Us

About Us

Yoga is not just a physical practice…..it offers the pathway to health, happiness and compassion. And it starts with one simple decision to commit. Commit to taking responsibility for your health and your happiness. And I am here to help you when you have made that decision. Whether you decide to dip your big toe in or to take a huge step onto the path of Yoga…..I am here to guide you on your journey.

Most yoga centres and teachers offer only instruction in yoga postures and breathing exercises, with an occasional mention of meditation. However the goal of yoga is gaining control over the modifications and negativity of mind.

Today however, it looks like we are stuck at the level of body consciousness. More than half of our time and energy is spent dealing with mental issues, and what remains goes to addressing physical complaints and ensuring our day-to-day survival. This leaves little time for purely spiritual pursuits.


A Yogic Lifestyle

Yoga practices such as meditation enable us to watch our minds think, to realize that we must be more than the mind, if we can sit back and watch it generate thoughts. This is the power of the practices…they show rather than tell us.

Tools such as a clean healthy diet, creativity, social interaction, outdoor sports and massage, are all valuable parts of a committing to a healthier Yogic Lifestyle….one that gives you the opportunity to reduce stress, reduce inflammation and pain and develop a more fulfilling positive life.

Learn more about what led me to embracing yoga into my life, and striving everyday to work and live with compassion.